Friday, February 06, 2009

Israel kidnaps 18-year-old boy having hearing and speech impairment

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- The family of 18-year-old Palestinian young man called Yousef See'ifan, having hearing and speech problems, said that the Israeli occupation authority has been holding their son for more than 10 days without revealing his fate.

The family added that their son suffers from hearing and language impairment by 70 percent and was kidnapped as he was returning to his home in the Shuyukh town coming from the nearby Ras Al-Arud area.

The family stated that the boy was not aware of the existence of clashes between IOF troops and citizens because he could not hear the voices of young men who were warning him of entering the area, adding that Israeli soldiers physically assaulted him despite the fact that some citizens told them about his medical condition.

The family noted that the IOA prevented the Red Cross lawyer from visiting the boy and told him that See'ifan was hospitalized after he had health problems.

The father of the kidnapped boy has been in Israeli jails for four years and is the only breadwinner of a family of eight children.

In a new development, Palestinian sources reported that Israeli settlers bulldozed the Palestinian land in the area of Mount Naqqar in the Yasuf town, east of Salfit.

Eyewitness said that the settlers placed mobile caravans on the hill of Mount Naqqar, adding that Israel continues to expand the industrial area, west of Salfit, and build new factories.

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