Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hayya: It is time for our people to have new leadership carrying their concerns

GAZA, (PIC)-- Dr. Khalil Al-Hayya, a prominent Hamas leader, stated Friday that it is time for the Palestinian people to see a new leadership carrying their burdens and concerns at home and abroad and protecting their resistance, adding that the Palestinian people would not condone anymore a leadership that accepted humiliation.

This came during a massive rally called for by the Hamas Movement in the Gaza city with the participation of the visiting Turkish delegation. The rally was held in support of Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal's call for forming a new authority for the Palestinian people and to pay a tribute to the position of Turkish premier Recep Erdogan in Davos.

In a speech delivered before the rally, Dr. Hayya underlined that Hamas had always extended its hands for the national dialog and called for the rebuilding of the PLO.

The Hamas leader stressed that the Palestinian people after all these sacrifices would not accept a leadership compromising the national constants and rights, noting that the PLO was silent during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip awaiting the chance to announce the defeat of Gaza.

Hayya hailed the Turkish premier for the honorable positions he voiced in all forums and meetings in defense of Gaza and its people.

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