Monday, February 09, 2009

European and Arab countries participate in Jerusalem cultural celebration

DAMASCUS, (PIC)-- Dr. Osama Al-Ashkar, the executive director of the popular campaign for celebrating Jerusalem as capital of the Arab culture, disclosed on Sunday that the initiation of related activities was postponed to the 30th of March due to the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

According to Ashkar, 14 Arab countries and six European countries would participate in the activities, explaining that they were scheduled to kickoff on 27 December of last year, but the Israeli brutal aggression on Gaza on the same day prompted the delay.

Talking about the plans of the group, Ashkar revealed that his group is looking forward to issue 500 books in the name of the campaign, in addition to carrying out a number of projects in the devastated Gaza Strip that would preserve the cultural dimension there.

Moreover, Ashkar stressed that his group wasn’t competing with any party on the legitimacy, saying, "We are a popular campaign that expresses its vision with clear principles representing the supreme values of the Palestinian people".

He also pointed out that his group was concerned with Jerusalem as a whole unlike others who only focus on the eastern part of the city.

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