Monday, February 09, 2009

British marathon aid convoy to leave for Gaza soon

LONDON, (PIC)-- A marathon aid convoy from London organized by British lawmaker George Galloway is expected to be leaving for the Gaza Strip on 14 February carrying material aid and raising the banner of Palestine in all countries it passes through.

The convoy will be led by a British fire truck, ambulances, and many vehicles full of humanitarian aid given by various communities and organizations in Britain.

The participants in the trip will be traveling for 16 days through France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and then through Rafah into Gaza, during which they will raise funds and other donations in kind for the besieged Gaza people.

Spokesman for the popular compaign against the siege Rami Abdo said that the trip named "lifeline for Gaza" would be the largest and most prominent move in protest of the unjust Israeli siege on Gaza.

Abdo pointed out that the enthusiasm for participating in this trip exceeded all expectations especially since a large number of organizations are determined to gain access to Gaza no matter how many challenges they may face, inviting the media to cover and highlight this humanitarian trip.

For her part, Sally Ammur, the local coordinator of the campaign, stated that the lifeline for Gaza convoy is supported mainly by the "stop the war coalition", the Anglo-Arab organization as well as several British trade unions and Islamic organizations.

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