Thursday, February 05, 2009

Iran pledges to rebuild the destroyed PA parliament in Gaza

GAZA, (PIC)-- Acting speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council Dr. Ahmed Bahar on Wednesday expressed the Palestinian people's gratitude to the Iranian people and government for their unlimited support for the Palestinian cause, hailing the Iranian government's pledge to rebuild the destroyed Palestinian parliament.

According to Bahar, the Iranian initiative reflects the deep and strong relationship between the Palestinian and the Iranian peoples.

Since the Israeli war on Gaza stopped, the PA parliament has appealed to Arab and Muslim countries to help rebuild the devastated legislature. Iran was the first among them to take the initiative in this regard.

In a related matter, efforts of the legitimate PA government of premier Ismail Haneyya continued relief efforts in the Gaza Strip, announcing the start of the fourth stage of the relief plan.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Kurd, the PA social affairs minister, explained that the fourth stage would cover 80,000 Palestinian families, and that the government would spend 8 million dollars in this stage that would include the affected Palestinian farmers, fishermen, and workers.

The government of Haneyya distributed financial sums to families of the Palestinian martyrs, and families of the wounded Palestinians, in addition to those whose houses were completely or partially destroyed by the Israeli bombardment as urgent assistance with the aim to alleviate the suffering of those families.

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