Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WJC: We must finish off Hamas first before going to a two-state solution

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The World Jewish Congress is holding its 13 th general meeting on Monday and Tuesday in the occupied city of Jerusalem, which indicates that the Israeli occupation government was intensifying judaization programs in the city.

Around 400 persons representing more than 80 Jewish organizations world-wide are attending the meeting, which, according to the organizers, aims to demonstrate solidarity with Israel in its war on Gaza.

More than 1330 innocent Palestinian citizens in Gaza Strip, the bulk of them were children and women, were brutally killed during the 23-day Israeli occupation aggression on Gaza.

WJC president Roland Lauder said that the meeting in Jerusalem aimed at extending our full support to the "people of Israel", and to let them feel that they weren’t alone in confronting the Islamic attacks that threatens the existence of Israel.

A spokesman of the WJC alleged that the the organization's vision for peace was built on two states, Palestinian and Israeli that coexist side-by side in peace, but, he added, this needs first to get rid of Hamas, defeat it, and strip it of weapons to ensure Israel's security.

He also opined that anti-semantic waves were growing in European capitals, explaining that the WJC would ask European countries to deal with such orientations firmly.

Hebrew sources revealed that Israeli president Shimon Peres, Israeli premier Ehuld Olmert, Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, and Likud party leader Binyamin Netanyahu will address the meeting.

For their part, Muslim leaders in Palestine, including Sheikh Raed Salah among other scholars condemned holding the meeting in Jerusalem, describing such step as "grave threat" to Jerusalem's Muslim identity.

"This (WJC meeting in Jerusalem) is part of the Israeli plan to judaize the city; and those who are accusing others of terrorism were themselves the real terrorists.. those who tear bodies of young children and women in Gaza were indeed the real terrorists", asserted Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, the president of the supreme Muslim council.

Both Muslim leaders warned that Arabs and Muslims should act now to block the vicious Israeli schemes in the city.


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