Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Al-Ghoul: Israeli war on Gaza was the biggest holocaust in history

GAZA, (PIC)-- Palestinian parliament member MP Mohammed Faraj Al-Ghoul, of Hamas Movement, has described the Israeli war on Gaza as the biggest holocaust in history, adding that his government would chase Israeli war criminals and file lawsuits against them.

Ghoul's remarks were uttered as he received a Moroccan Parliamentary delegation visiting the PLC building that was flattened to ground in an Israeli air strike on it during the war on Gaza.

He also hailed the Moroccan people and lawmakers for the sympathy and support they have demonstrated with the Palestinian people during the monstrous Israeli war on the Strip.

For their part, the Moroccan lawmakers praised their Palestinian counterparts, saying they were happy to visit Gaza and to meet Hamas's representatives, stressing unity and solidarity of the Moroccan people with their Palestinian brothers, disclosing a number of steps they are planning to take against the Israeli officials who were involved in the brutal onslaught.

Meanwhile, Israeli war minister Ehud Barak was reportedly preparing to fly to the USA to meet with US officials, and to buy new US sophisticated weapons in order to use them against the Palestinian people.

Local and military observers confirmed that the Israeli occupation government has turned the entire Gaza inhabitants into an experiment fields to test new American weapons.

The Hebrew Haaretz newspaper confirmed the plan of Barak, saying he would try to purchase new bombs that would explode in air and turn into smaller bombs that could destroy bobby-trapped places.

According to the paper, the Israeli occupation army had used this kind of bombs in the war on Gaza that destroyed complete villages and suburbs, adding that Barak would also discuss the US-Israeli pact that was signed by Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, and her US counterpart Condoleezza Rice a coupe of weeks ago in Washington with the aim to abort weapon smuggling into the tiny Strip.

Hamas and the West:
In an unrelated matter, the French L'umonde newspaper revealed that the Israeli war on Gaza produced new facts on the ground, including the firm strength and popularity of Hamas Movement in the Palestinian street.

It also revealed that the French government was pressuring the European Union to be more flexible with Hamas, and to try to listen to it being the group that was elected by the great majority of the Palestinian people in 2006.

Furthermore, the paper disclosed that there were strong disputes among the EU countries on whether to sideline Hamas or to talk and listen to it, adding that the French government opines that EU talks with Hamas would help peace and stability in the region.

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