Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jordanian doctors returning from Gaza: 90% of injuries from phosphorus bombs

AMMAN, (PIC)-- The Jordanian medical team that returned from the Gaza Strip told a press conference in Amman on Tuesday that 90% of injuries suffered by Palestinians in the Israeli occupation forces' aggression were from the white phosphorus bombs.

Members of the team said that the IOF used internationally banned weapons in the war on Gaza, which earned Israeli leaders a deserved international arbitration for "war crimes".

Norwegian medical experts, who previously worked in Afghanistan and Lebanon and finally in Gaza, asserted that the injuries were the result of non-conventional, internationally banned weapons, the Jordanian doctors underlined.

They added that the Norwegian doctors took samples of the injuries to check them in Norway, and would issue a report and document their findings before providing them as evidence in the trial of the Israeli war criminals.

Jordanian doctors also said they took with them samples of the wounded people's tissues to check them. They added that clinical diagnosis proved that white phosphorus was used in the Israeli attacks, noting that white smoke was seen emanating from the open wounds of the injured persons after being hit with shrapnel of white phosphorus bombs.

Dr. Zuhair Abu Fares, the head of the Jordanian syndicate of doctors, said that his syndicate was going to send a third medical delegation in the required specializations to Gaza including experts in artificial limbs.

The first medical team that returned from Gaza grouped 8 doctors while the second team, which is currently in Gaza, included 24 doctors, a dentist and a paramedic.

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